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Recent Media Coverage on Nanocellulose:

Justin's work on CNC aerogels as universal 3D light wieght substrates for super capacitor materials highlighted by welt der physik (world of physics) and by McMaster Engineering News!
Justin's work on CNC aerogels highlighted in C&EN: Chemistry in Pictures!
Nanocellulose, Cranston lab and Justin's injectable hydrogel work highlighted in the June 2014 C&EN:
Our work on pH sensitive CNCs highlighted in the October 2013 ACCN:‘switchable’
Why wood pulp is worlds new wonder material:
Cellulose Nanomaterials - Come and Get it:
Making Nanotechnology Pay:
Wood pulp extracts stronger than carbon fiber or Kevlar:
Nanocrystalline cellulose:
Nanocrystalline cellulose is breathing new life into Canada's forest industry:

Colleagues, Collaborators and Members of...

Biointerfaces Institute:
Biomime, Swedish Centre for Biomimetic Fibre Engineering:
Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research:
Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy:
GreenCentre Canada:
McGill University Chemistry (Gray Group):
McMaster University Chemical Engineering:
McMaster University Chemistry and Chemical Biology:
KTH Surface Chemistry:
KTH Fibre and Polymer Technology:
Wallenberg Wood Science Centre:
The Woodbridge Group:
Xerox Research Centre of Canada:

Scientific Writing and Publishing:

ACS Publishing Your Research 101 Video Series:
Fundamentals of Effective Scientific Writing Webinar:
Write well and Prosper Webinar:
Writing a Winning Executive Summary and Business Plan Webinar:

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